Nursing advice – what is it and when is it worth using?

Nursing advice has become more and more popular in recent years, both due to the growing level of public awareness and due to modern technologies that enable quick and easy remote consultations.

What is a Nursing Advice?

Nursing advice is a specific form of consultation with a specialist, who is a nurse. During the consultation, the patient can obtain information about his health, treatment methods, as well as answers to any bothering questions related to his disease. Nursing advice can be provided both in person and over the phone, or with the use of modern technologies, such as telemedicine.

What are the benefits of using nursing advice?

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Nursing advice brings many benefits to both patients and healthcare. The following should be mentioned here:

  • Access to specialist knowledge – Nurses have extensive knowledge and practice in the care and treatment of various conditions. Thanks to this, patients can obtain professional information and support.
  • Lower price – Nursing advice is usually more affordable than a medical consultation, making it accessible even to people with financial difficulties. This, in turn, results in lower costs for the healthcare system.
  • Emotional support – Nurses not only provide medical assistance but also offer emotional support, reassuring patients and helping them through difficult moments.
  • Avoiding queues – Nursing advice can be a convenient and efficient way to avoid long waiting queues.

Nurses very often offer help and advice in the fields of wound care, stoma care, and dressing changes. They can also issue orders for the supply of medical devices, such as diapers, catheters, or dressings. During a nursing consultation, patients can receive e-prescriptions for medicines, which can be ordered by a doctor, or e-referrals for diagnostic tests. This makes the process much easier and more comfortable for the patients.

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