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Telekonsultacje w Global Teleclinic


By telephone, video or chat

  • with a doctor
  • with a nurse
  • psychological
  • dietary
E-recepta w Global Teleclinic


Prescription consultation

Renew your prescription online without leaving home and receive a text message with a code to fill your prescription at a pharmacy.

L-4 online w Global Teleclinic

online sick leave certificate

e-sick note

If you are sick or caring for a sick child, your doctor may issue you a sick leave certificate following a teleconsultation.

Porada pielęgniarska w Global Teleclinic

Consultation with a nurse

Did you know that a nurse can also issue a prescription for certain medicines or an order for medical devices, e.g. adult diapers, catheters?

Medical packages

Take advantage of our subscription and save even 30% on every consultation with a doctor online.

Pakiet indywidualny w Global Teleclinic

for one person

Pakiet dla dwóch osób w Global Teleclinic

for two people

Pakiet rodzinny w Global Teleclinic

for a family

What are the benefits?


You can have a consultation anywhere, so you don’t waste time travelling to a medical facility, and by automating the appointment process, you don’t have to wait to be connected to a consultant.


Choose the form of consultation that suits you best: video, phone call or chat. You can access all consultations via our platform - without installing additional applications.

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Primary care doctors, specialists and laboratory tests in one place. Look after your health without leaving home.


The Patient Account gives you access to your history of medical consultations and recommendations, prescriptions and referrals.


Telemedicine – A Revolution in Healthcare Access

In today’s dynamic world, telemedicine emerges as a key player, transforming the landscape of healthcare. This fusion of technology with healthcare not only changes the traditional approach to treatment but also revolutionizes the accessibility of medical services. Telemedicine is no longer an experiment; it has become an integral part of the healthcare system, bringing a range of benefits to both patients and healthcare professionals.



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Safely, conveniently and quickly

Internist, paediatrician or perhaps a cardiologist? You no longer have to wait to be connected to a helpline or wait at the clinic. Our specialists are here to help. Make an appointment and speak to a doctor from anywhere and at a time that suits you. Book consultation with a doctor online.

Konsultacja telemedyczna w Global Teleclinic

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