Telemedicine consultations have become a convenient alternative to in-person appointments, primarily because in many situations they are sufficient to make a medical diagnosis and offer effective treatment.

Konsultacja telemedyczna w Global Teleclinic

Contact your doctor wherever you are

The Global Teleclinic platform gives you access to teleconsultations with family medicine doctors, internists and paediatricians, as well as specialists: such as an allergist, cardiologist, nephrologist, gynaecologist, gynaecologist-endocrinologist and many others. You can arrange a medical consultation at short notice, wherever you are.

Comfort and confidentiality

Both the appointment registration and the consultation itself take place at a location of your choice, in a form that suits you best (video, telephone or chat)

Accessibility of doctors

Teleconsultation gives you access to doctors and specialists from all over Poland, no matter where you are.

Time savings

Without leaving home, without visiting a medical facility, without waiting to be connected to the call centre.

Health monitoring

If your condition requires frequent follow-up visits to the doctor, for example to analyse test results, verify the dose of a medicine or to renew a prescription, a teleconsultation can easily replace a traditional in-person appointment.

Choose how you want to talk

by phone

If you choose to have your consultation by telephone, the doctor will call you on the telephone number provided during registration.

by video-chat

by chat

For video-chat or chat consultations, log into your Patient Account, select the appointment and click ‘Connect’. All connections are facilitated by our platform accessible via any web browser – you do not need to install any additional applications.

How does it work?

How to book a consultation on Global Teleclinic

What a teleconsultation looks like


Before each consultation, you can complete a questionnaire so that the doctor can get an overview of your health before the consultation. In addition, you can submit your previous medical records for each consultation on the Global Teleclinic platform, which is important especially for chronically ill patients.


During an online or telephone consultation, the doctor will, as standard, conduct a patient interview, on the basis of which they will make recommendations for further treatment. You will find all the information in your medical records in your Patient Account.


If your condition requires it, your doctor can issue an e-prescription, e-sick leave certificate, e-referral for further diagnostics or to another specialist. You will find the documents issued by your doctor when you log into your Patient Account.

Konsultacja bezpiecznie, wygodnie i szybko w Global Teleclinic

Safely, conveniently and quickly

Internist, paediatrician or perhaps a cardiologist? You no longer have to wait to be connected to a helpline or wait at the clinic. Our specialists are here to help. Make an appointment and speak to a doctor from anywhere and at a time that suits you.

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