E-Prescription: What is it, How does it work, and Why is it worth considering?

E-prescription, also known as electronic prescription, revolutionizes the way prescriptions are generated by moving the process online. This modern approach offers numerous advantages over traditional paper prescriptions as it reduces errors and streamlines the entire procedure. With e-prescribing, doctors can effortlessly transmit prescriptions directly to pharmacies with just a few clicks, eliminating the need for cumbersome paperwork and simplifying the experience for patients and healthcare providers alike.

One key benefit of e-prescriptions is the enhanced security they provide. They enable better medication tracking, ensuring that individuals receive the correct medications at the prescribed times, as directed by their doctors. Moreover, e-prescriptions save valuable time for healthcare professionals by eliminating the need to enter data into multiple systems, such as medical records and health insurance claims platforms.

How can I obtain an e-prescription from Global Teleclinic?

At Global Teleclinic, obtaining an e-prescription is a simple process. If you are a patient who regularly takes medications, you can receive an e-prescription based on your medical records, such as a certificate from your attending physician or a hospital discharge summary. Prior to each consultation, you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire to provide the doctor with information about your current health status. If you have any documents that confirm your consistent use of the medication, you can attach them as well. In the absence of such documents, the doctor can still provide a teleconsultation. During the consultation, the doctor will review any attached documents and evaluate your condition. If the doctor determines that an e-prescription is necessary, you will receive an SMS code that can be used to redeem the prescription at any pharmacy. To access the e-prescription, you can log in to your Patient’s Account on www.global-teleclinic.com or through the Internet Patient Account

Why it’s worth it:

Time-saving: With e-prescriptions, you can conveniently obtain your prescription without leaving home or visiting a medical facility. This eliminates the need to wait in long lines at the doctor’s office.

Convenience and discretion: The consultation for your prescription, along with the e-prescription itself, can take place in the comfort and privacy of your preferred location. You can choose between video, chat, or phone calls for the consultation, ensuring convenience and maintaining confidentiality.

Access to doctors: E-prescriptions enable you to access medical professionals regardless of your location. You can continue your treatment without interruption, even if you are traveling or residing in a different area.

Saving money: By utilizing e-prescriptions, you can reduce the cost of frequent follow-up visits to your doctor. This is particularly beneficial for prescription renewals or seeking prescription advice, as it eliminates the need for unnecessary visits, ultimately saving you money.

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