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e-prescription, sick leave (e-ZLA), referrals

Yes, in medically justified cases the doctor can issue you with a short-term sick leave certificate. Remember that this can only be done during a teleconsultation (it cannot be a prescription consultation).

A sick leave certificate is issued in the ZUS Electronic System and from there goes directly to the employer. You can log into your ZUS PUE account to check your issued sick leave certificate: https://www.zus.pl/pue.

Yes, in justified cases the doctor is entitled to issue an e-prescription. If you need a prescription renewal, book a prescription consultation and remember to submit medical documentation confirming the need for medication (e.g. a certificate from a specialist doctor). If you do not have the appropriate documentation, make an appointment for a teleconsultation, during which your doctor will be able to issue you with a prescription (in medically justified cases).

The prescription is issued electronically by the doctor and you will receive a code in a text message which you need to give to the pharmacy along with your PESEL number. Please note that if you wish to receive e-prescription codes by text message, you need to give your consent via your Internet Patient Account (IKP). For more information on how to do this, click here: https://pacjent.gov.pl/internetowe-konto-pacjenta/erecepta. You will also find the code for your e-prescription in your post-consultation recommendations when you log into your Patient Account on our platform: https://portal.global-teleclinic.com/login.

Cross-border e-prescription offers such an opportunity. This is an electronic prescription that you can use in a country other than the one in which it was issued. Currently, patients residing in Finland, Portugal, Croatia, Estonia and Spain can use this type of prescription. Cross-border e-prescriptions can be issued for adult patients. If you need a cross-border prescription for your child, your doctor has to issue it on paper. You can find out more about the cross-border e-prescription here: link to article.

Yes, during your consultation on the Global Teleclinic platform you may receive a referral from your doctor for laboratory tests or diagnostic imaging. Thanks to our partnership with the Diagnostyka laboratory network, laboratory tests are quickly arranged by going to your referrals in your Patient Account. In case of a referral for diagnostic imaging tests (e.g. X-ray or ultrasound), you will be able to have them done at the facility of your choice, but only for a fee.


To register for a consultation, use the appointment finder on the home page of www.global-teleclinic.com. Select the type of consultation, the date and the requested times and click ‘Search’, then select one of the suggested dates. Booking an appointment is possible after logging into your Patient Account. If you do not have a Patient Account, you can set one up here: www.portal.global-teleclinic.com/login. After logging in, select the form of contact with the doctor: video chat, telephone call or chat and click on ‘Book a consultation’. In the next step, we will ask you for your details for the invoice, after which you will be able to pay for the consultation via PayU. The last step before the consultation is to complete a patient questionnaire, which will enable the doctor to find out about your condition before the consultation.

You can submit medical records from another medical facility for each consultation. You can do this before or during the consultation (if you choose a video or chat-based consultation). Before your appointment, log into your Patient Account and select the consultation for which you wish to submit documents. You will be taken to the appointment details page and in the window on the right you can attach a PDF, JPG or Word document by dragging files into the indicated area or by selecting them on your device. If you wish to attach a file while you are connected to the doctor, click on the ‘Paperclip’ in the top right-hand corner of the screen and drag the files you wish to add into the indicated box.

You choose the form of consultation at the appointment registration stage. 5 minutes before the start we will remind you of your consultation and its chosen form. If it is a telephone call, the doctor will contact you at the chosen time. For video-chat or chat consultations, log into your Patient Account, select the consultation and click on the ‘Connect’ button. At the chosen time, the doctor will join the chat.

To reschedule or cancel a consultation, log into your Patient Account. You will see two options next to the appointment information: Reschedule and Cancel. In case of rescheduling an appointment, there is no need to pay for the rescheduled consultation, whereas in case of a cancellation, we will refund your fee provided that you cancel your consultation no later than 24 hours before the selected time.

Each consultation lasts up to 15 minutes. Please note that the doctor does not have the option of extending this time; whereas they can connect with you at the earliest 5 minutes before your chosen time.

Patient Account

Yes, in order to provide a medical service, we are obliged to verify the identity of the patient and also to ensure the security of the medical data that is stored in our system. The creation of a Patient Account is preceded by the verification of your identity, which is carried out via the mojeID application using electronic banking (the application confirms the personal information provided via the bank indicated by the Patient).

To log into your Patient Account, click on the “User” icon at the top right of the page or go directly to the login page: https://portal.global-teleclinic.com/login. Use the email address you provided during registration and the password you set to log in.

Yes, on the login page https://portal.global-teleclinic.com/login select the option ‘Forgotten password’ and in the next step enter the e-mail address used to register the account. You will receive a link, which will enable you to set a new password.


All payments for teleconsultations on the Global Teleclinic platform are handled by the PayU system. You can choose to pay by BLIK or online transfer.

Yes, you just need to remember to cancel at least 24 hours in advance.

Lekarz może wystawić receptę i/lub zwolnienie lekarskie tylko w uzasadnionych medycznie przypadkach. Odmowa lekarza z powodu braku podstaw nie daje możliwość ubiegania się o zwrot kosztów wizyty. W przypadku porady recepturowej brak odpowiedniego (aktualnego!) zaświadczenia od lekarza prowadzącego stanowi podstawę do odmowy wystawienia recepty. W takiej sytuacji Pacjentowi nie przysługuje zwrot kosztów. Szczegółowe informacje znajdziesz w naszym REGULAMINIE.

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