Day: 8 February 2023


There are many more dangerous diseases in the world, but it is the most common ailment affecting the vast majority of the world’s population several times a year. The common cold takes its greatest toll in autumn, winter and early spring, and can greatly reduce the quality of daily life. Apart from discomfort, does it carry any health risks? Below we describe the causes, symptoms and treatments of the common cold.

Hay fever

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Catarrh, which is the most common and very troublesome ailment of people of all ages around the world, can take various forms. It can be watery and clear, thick with a purulent tone, clogging the nose or leaking from it spontaneously. One of such conditions is hay fever, which is allergic in origin.

Sinus catarrh

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A runny nose makes life difficult for the patient, because it interferes with the natural way of breathing. On of its many variations is characterised by additional pain in the forehead area, inability to remove discharge by blowing one’s nose and a constant feeling of a blocked nose. This is sinus catarrh.